Are Your Genes Killing You?

Are Your Genes Killing You?

“My parents and grandparents had cancer so I’m probably doomed.”  We all hear these statements every day and maybe you have even fallen victim to this way of thinking.  Genes have become the scape-goat for virtually every health condition.  Heart disease?  Bad genes.  Cancer?  Family history. Obesity?  Runs in my family. The reality is you aren’t sick due to “bad” genes.  You aren’t predestined for heart disease or cancer.  In fact, the concept of “bad” genes causing disease is a myth. Bold statement? Keep reading. . . .

In the last 50 years, heart disease rates have doubled. Cancer has risen 600%.  Diabetes has increased more than seven-fold.  Autism, once 1 in 100,000 children, is now 1 in 68. The newest term in healthcare is “kindergarten cancer” because children are getting cancer younger and younger.  In 50 years, how much has the human genetic code changed?  It hasn’t. (Google ‘Bruce Lipton’s and epigenetics’). So if our genetic code has not changed, why are we blaming genes for our problems which have dramatically changed?

Let’s use fish as an illustration. If all of the fish in the great lakes started dying and washing up on shore with giant tumors growing on their scales, would we say, “Wow. Those fish must have really bad genes”?  No biologist would ever look at animal species this way.  We would clean up the water to save the fish.  There is not a single species on the planet that has gone extinct due to genes.  Clearly, humans like all other animal species, are moving away from health, not due to genes, but because of a pathological way of living.  So why are humans viewed so differently when it comes to sickness and disease?  The quality of the questions we ask is everything.  Science can’t tell us which questions to ask.  Only our paradigm or philosophy can.

We ask all the wrong questions such as what is wrong with me.  Then we go to an allopathic practitioner, get a diagnosis and get a treatment (pill) for that thing that is “wrong” with us.  If we instead ask why am I not expressing health or what is forcing the body into this state of adaptation or what is wrong with my environment (toxicity), we will start looking to the right place for the solution. The answer is not the diagnosis. The answer is asking the right questions to get to the right solutions.

Genes are our blueprint and we need the correct raw materials—the five essentials—to produce the outcome—health.  Challenge yourself to consciously make genetically congruent decisions on a daily basis for you and your children.  If you are trying to build wealth, you’d seek a specialist in wealth management.  Studying bankruptcy would not somehow teach you to gain wealth.  Why not?  Because you would be asking all the wrong questions.  What do you want your doctor studying—diseases and cause of death or health and the specific requirements to express full life? Getting health advice from those who specialize in medicine is like taking wealth management advice from a bankruptcy specialist.  It is illogical and dangerous.

For you and your family to thrive in our current healthcare climate, it’s essential that your lifestyle look radically different than the rest of the United States. It requires you to be counter culture and to think differently than your colleagues and peers about health. You will have to ask the right questions. You cannot afford to fall victim to disease due to wrong decisions.