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About Us & What We Do

Dr. Wilson is a popular talk radio show host, has built one of the largest natural health centers in the Midwest and travels all over the country teaching the principles of Maximized Living and educating all generations on gaining victory over disease and how to take control of their health. Dr. Wilson holds certifications in nutrition, detoxification and advanced spinal rehabilitation, and is now one of the official team chiropractors for USA Wrestling, USA Weightlifting, USA Judo and the NFL Alumni. Dr. Wilson is not only an Indianapolis Chiropractor and health coach, he is on a mission to save millions of lives around the world by educating and leading people to a better life.

Best Chiropractors in Indianapolis

Nutritional Therapy
The right nutritional science sustains your mental and physical well-being, aids in disease prevention, and helps maintain an ideal weight. A key idea in the 5 Essentials is that what you put into your body affects not only how your body functions, but how you feel every day.
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Structural Chiropractic
Chiropractors determine and treat the underlying cause of health challenges. The central nervous system is the critical link that connects all of the systems in the body, allowing them to communicate and cooperate with each other and react properly to environmental factors.
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Cellular Detoxification
In our modern world, exposure to environmental toxins is virtually unavoidable. Maximized Living Detox System has been designed to enhance your body’s natural detoxification system, and permanently remove accumulated toxins from your body.
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Meet Our Staff

Our Miracles

If you want to be as healthy as possible until the day you die, Indy Family Chiropractic will explain what you need to do and why, to allow your body to accomplish your goal for you. No amount of medicine or money can buy you good health, you have to engage yourself to take care of your body. The doctors and staff at this clinic motivate you to make your life changing experience exciting and enjoyable! It is like one big family.

William Price October 18, 2017

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