8 years ago we opened our doors. Things may look different (we are in a different space, we no longer have a red "M" but blue mountains, we have a bigger team, etc) but the heart behind why we started has only been strengthened over the years. We believe in being exceptional with our service and our care. We also believe that we set the standard for chiropractic and natural healthcare. We love our patients, our team and our community. Thank you for trusting us with you and your families health. We are forever grateful. The best is yet to come. Cheers to 8 years!
If it doesn’t rot on the outside, what do you think happens on the inside???
This DOD data is beyond alarming. One of the most common injuries associated with compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is acute transverse myelitis (ATM), a form of sudden paralysis. LOOK AT THE SUDDEN 459% INCREASE IN ACUTE TRANSVERSE MYELITIS (ATM) in 2021! Nearly as many cases in 2021 as the last five years combined. THE DATA DOESN’T LIE.
I often hear people say, “I wish I had more discipline” or “If I just had more self-control…” But is the answer to all of our problems as simple as attaining more will-power? One study suggests the opposite. In the study, a group of college students were told to fast and arrive hungry to the experiment. Once they arrived at the lab, some students were asked to forgo the tempting cookies and candy on the table and were requested to eat some radishes instead. Other students were allowed to eat the cookies and candy. The radish group had to sit there, eating radishes while watching the cookie group devour the delicious smelling cookies. They also had the cookies in front of them but had been told not to eat the cookies. Afterward, each group was given unsolvable anagrams. The students who were allowed to eat the cookies tried harder to solve the problem and they stayed on task longer than the radish group. The radish group gave up 3 times quicker than their cookie-eating counterparts. The authors of the study concluded that our self-control is a finite energy source, which can be used up on a daily basis. This is not a free pass to splurge and reward yourself with “treats” but this study illustrates the importance of having a “big why” and a strong belief in your individual success. My favorite belief story is a story about a 61-year-old man named Cliff Young. Cliff decided he was going to enter an elite race in Sydney Australia. This was no ordinary race, this race was 850 KM, a little over 600 miles, and lasted about 6 ½ days. To give you an idea of how grueling 600 miles is, consider that a typical marathon is 26.2 miles. Only the elite of the elite even consider running the 600-mile race. At a race of this magnitude, you’d see Boston Marathon winners, Ironman Winners from around the world and certainly everyone there would be wearing their best running attire--Nike, Puma, etc. And then there’s Cliff--61-year-old guy wearing Oshkosh overalls, a t-shirt, a baseball cap, construction boots and galoshes because he thinks it might rain. The other runners asked, “old man what are you doing here”. “I’m running a race”, he’d respond. “Ever run a race before?”, they’d ask. “Nope”. “And you figured you’d start with a 6 ½ day race”, they continued, “Why?” “Well, I was figuring out my schedule and I always wanted to run a race”, he responded candidly. “What made you think you can do this? Did you ever run a marathon?” “No.” “Ever work with a coach?” “No.” “Do you have any training.” “No.” “So what makes you think you can do it?” He said, “Well I’m a farmer and I have to chase my animals around because I don’t have a tractor or a horse, so I have to run around to herd them. When the storm comes in. I have to run over here and herd the cows and then run over here…I may be out there 24 hours; I think I can run.” So, the race starts, and they all take off in a nice fast pace. And here’s Cliff, his gait looks more like a 75-year-old mall walker. They later dubbed his gait the “Cliff shuffle”. But cliff had an advantage over the rest of the group. Cliff had never had a coach, never talked to elite runner, never read a book on it, and never read Runner’s World. So, he didn’t know you are supposed to run 18 hours and sleep 6. So that night, when everyone else was sleeping he was so far behind the pack that he didn’t know they were sleeping, he just Cliff-Young-Shuffled right by them. And Cliff ran non-stop for 5 ½ days never sleeping and broke the record by 12 hours. 61 years old. Belief is our strongest asset. Do you believe you will be successful? Do you believe that, despite the apparent obstacles, that you are an overcomer? I’m sure Cliff Young, when he was standing on the starting line getting ready to begin the race, looked around and considered that he was out of place—he didn’t belong with the elite. But he decided to run anyway. Sometimes when the voices of doubt arise, we have to make a decision to start running anyway. So, keep your eyes on the prize and stay plugged in to a group that supports you.
I understand that things have been insane - COVID variants, vaccine mandates, masks, supply chain issues, outright tyranny in parts of the world, etc. It has been nuts and infuriating at the same time. We can’t ignore what is happening, but we also can’t let all of it steal our joy. I don’t want to talk about COVID anymore. I don’t want to write about it or talk on the radio about it either. I want to focus on the good that I can build instead. I want to find ways to help my kids have an amazing childhood. I want to date my wife, have meaningful conversations with my friends, and challenge myself physically, mentally, financially, and socially. All too often I get sucked into focusing on what we’re fighting against that I forget to highlight what we’re fighting for. With that said, I’m pivoting my focus. You’ll see less COVID related content. You can expect content related to living well challenging yourself to be better, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Join me in saying “Good Riddance, Goodbye and R.I.P.” to COVID”
The federal government rejected recommendations to lower recommended alcohol and sugar consumption. The scientific committee, which was composed of 20 academics and doctors, had recommended cutting the limit for added sugars in the diet to 6% of daily calories from 10% in the current guidelines, citing rising rates of obesity and the link between obesity and health problems like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Why do you think the federal government rejected the proposed update to the recommendations???
I’m so blessed to have spent the last 20 years of my life with my best friend and woman of my dreams. Happy Valentines Day!
Your response to the Metabolism Makeover was unbelievable! I am filled with gratitude for our patients, team and Maxliving community! Thank you for making this event so special!
Food testing reveals farmed salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world, having more in common with junk food than health food. #salmon #farmedsalmon #wildsalmon #food #health #junkfood #healthfood #toxins #pbcs #dioxins #bigfood #thedefender
COVID Hair Loss. It's real. But it's not only due to "stress and fever", as the article suggests. We are seeing dramatic changes in iron, B-vitamin synthesis, pyruvic acid and lactic acid on specialty functional lab tests post-COVID. If you are having hair loss, it is a warning sign of deeper underlying metabolic imbalances. Most of these imbalances can be balanced and hair growth restored if treated properly. That's why our doctors are doing a Metabolism workshop all over the country for this reason. We will be talking about root causes, what you can do and specialty testing that can help you uncover exactly which metabolic imbalances that not only lead to hair loss but also: *Weight Gain *high blood pressure *High cholesterol *Heart disease *Diabetes *Autoimmune disorders *Thyroid dysfunction *Infertility *Cancer *Fatty liver disease *Arthritis *Chronic pain and more. It's never been more important. If you are local to Indianapolis, the workshop is Feb 12th from 9-1pm. The registration link is below!
And I got banned from YouTube for saying that we should consider “Natural Immunity”...
Maxliving has radically changed my life. I am filled with gratitude for our doctors, teams and leadership. If you are a doctor of chiropractic or are interested in natural healthcare, we have a big seminar coming up in May 2022 in Dallas and I would love for you to join me. DM me and we can chat.
Is it egotistical to value your health, freedom or bodily sovereignty? Here is my response
“I was vaccinated and boostered” Just a friendly reminder that the vaccines do NOT prevent transmission.
YouTube Channel Update
Well look at this…
With the Supreme Court decision to allow 💉 mandates for healthcare workers, you will now see a final mass exodus of doctors and nurses leave medicine. I believe there will be new systems of healthcare created out of this exodus—where you will not be bullied, threatened or coerced into taking experimental pharmaceutical products but you will be educated, empowered and equipped to prevent disease, promote health and live well. I’m reminded of a quote by Thomas Edison, “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”.
Certainly not your children’s education. Certainly not the formerly booming American economy. Certainly not the Bill of Rights, including free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion. Never mind the fact that this started “for your safety”. That was clever. The only thing that matters now is your compliance with our regulations. After all, this isn’t about you. Never mind the preventable lifestyle induced-diseases that have plagued Americans for the past two decades. We actually care now. Except if you are unvaccinated. You deserve to die a miserable death. For everyone else, we truly care. Seriously, we really really care about your health and safety so get vaccinated, get boosted so you don’t fall out of our favor like those noncompliant and crazy anti vaxxers who refuse experimental gene therapies on themselves and their young children. The only thing more important than health is Dr. Fauci, the Great and Powerful Oz of the 21st century. Dr. Fauci, in his excellence, has discovered the asterisk the Founders wrote into the constitution in invisible ink, which allows him to nullify the entire document in case of a bad chest cold anywhere in the land. Without Dr. Fauci, the Constitution of the United States might have entirely prevented overreach by the federal government and local health departments. Praise be to the goddess of science herself, the great and powerful Fauci.
Texas Prison Study which was funded by the CDC determines that there are "No significant differences were detected in duration of RT-PCR positivity among fully vaccinated participants versus those not fully vaccinated". Translation: the v a c c i n e did not reduce the infection.
I wonder how many people share Whoopi’s sentiment as she says, “I’ve done everything I was supposed to do…” yet she still ‘catches’ COVID. With all the ‘breakthrough’ infections (the majority of the cases are breakthrough) I wonder how the gov-tech-media will spin this. More boosters?
Welcome to the ‘Smoke, mirrors and the disappearance of the cold and flu’ magic trick, bought and paid for by the [sold out] CDC. Is Lebron James waking up?? It’s actually refreshing to read the comments and see that he isn’t alone.
New USDA labeling for genetically modified foods started Jan 1, 2022. Foods that previously were labeled as containing "genetically engineered" (GE) ingredients or "genetically modified organisms" (GMOs) will now be labeled as "bioengineered," or come with a phone number or QR code guiding consumers to more information online. As most consumers are not familiar with the term “bioengineered”, this step is certainly not a move towards increased transparency. And as unbelievable as it might seem, the [sold out] Food and Drug Administration maintains that eating chemically and genetically modified foods poses no risk to human health (yes, that is actually their official position along with the National Academy of Sciences). Be extra aware when purchasing apples, corn, eggplants, papayas, pineapples, potatoes, and salmon (yes, salmon!). Canola is also on the list and canola oil is a common oil in many packaged foods. Avoid it!!
Inventor of mRNA and DNA v a c c i n e s, Dr. Robert Malone, has found his Twitter account suspended due to what large social media outlets claim as “misinformation”. Apparently you are now an anti-vaxxer if you oppose regulations mandating v a c c i n e s.
By their own admission, there is no record of a naturally acquired immune, non-v a c c i n a t e d person spreading COVID! The attorneys had to file a FOIA request for the CDC to acknowledge their own research. Why isn’t the CDC being transparent? The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure. Everyone who wants to get vaccinated and boosted should be free to do so. But nobody should be coerced by the government to partake in any medical procedure. Certainly not one where you won’t be able to see the full data until 2076!
Merry Christmas from the Wilson’s!
I realize it might be scary to lose your source of income. However, the alternative path might be scarier. Remember, your job is temporary compared to the indefinite loss of bodily autonomy for you and your children.
BREAKING: The CDC is withdrawing its standing request to the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for Covid-19 PCR tests. After 20 months of lies, the CDC can no longer hide that its use of Covid-19 PCR tests was fake “science” but true fear mongering. As I said in late 2020, the PCR test has been flawed from the start. The PCR swab collects RNA from your nasal cavity. This RNA is then reverse transcribed into DNA. However, the genetic snippets are so small they must be amplified in order to become discernible. Each round of amplification is called a cycle. Amplification over 35 cycles is considered unreliable and scientifically unjustified, yet tests recommended by the World Health Organization are set to 45 cycles. As a result of these excessive cycle thresholds, you end up with a far higher number of positive tests than you would otherwise. The question remains, after 20 months of faulty data which was used to justify the lockdown of communities, forced quarantines, loss of jobs and an artificial death count, why did it take the CDC this long to withdraw the flawed PCR test?
For those who say, “I only trust information coming from established Medical Doctors”, what is your response to Dr. Harvey Risch, epidemiologist and professor at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. See his full quote below: “Overall, I’d say that we’ve had a pandemic of fear. And fear has affected almost everybody, whereas the infection has affected relatively few.” “By and large, it’s been a very selected pandemic, and predictable. It was very distinguished between young versus old, healthy versus chronic disease people. So we quickly learned who was at risk for the pandemic and who wasn’t,” “However, the fear was manufactured for everybody. And that’s what’s characterized the whole pandemic is that degree of fear and people’s response to the fear.” -Dr. Harvey Risch Epidemiologist and professor at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. Author of over 300 original peer-reviewed publications and was formerly a member of the board of editors for the American Journal of Epidemiology.
JUST IN - Israeli Prime Minister says the fifth COVID wave has begun, "new regulations and restrictions" will be announced in the near future. The country has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.
This was my candid response to the “you are selfish” argument. Remember, you are always being exposed to and shedding viruses. It’s actually very necessary to your immune function and genetic expression. If you don’t have the freedom to have an asymptomatic viral infection in public, you will be forever enslaved.
Do you remember the people saying "if it saves just one life…" When will the trade off be enough for these people? We are pretending that this experimental procedure comes with NO risk and ONLY benefit. What if “science” is wrong? Are you willing to lose or harm thousands of kids to save one life? Are you willing to potentially increase millions of children’s chances of cancer, all to save one life? Are you willing to fire hesitant nurses and doctors across the nation if they don’t comply, all to save one life? Are you willing to watch medicine organize into an undercover global dictatorship, all to save one life? If anyone you know is still spouting "but if it saves one person" ask them how many they are willing to kill or destroy in order to save this magical one person.
If the “science is settled”, why are so many doctors and nurses at the Cleveland Clinic unvaccinated?
JUST IN - New research finds that COVID-19 vaccine-resistant mutations strongly correlate with vaccination rates. "By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vax-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence & frequency of vax-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America." Full article linked in the comments.
JUST IN - Pfizer now claims 3 doses of its vaccine provide as much protection against #Omicron as 2 doses against the original variant. Full story linked in the comments.
Outbreaks continue to happen, even with 100% compliance. Tell this to your friends who blame the pandemic in those who are v a c c i n e “hesitant”
You ask, “Why aren’t doctors, researchers and governments talking about natural immunity?” This is why.
This ☝🏼
Welcome to the never ending “war on COVID”.
Nutrition matters again? Okay, just trying to follow the science over here...
When your relative talks about getting tested for COVID before joining you for Thanksgiving… Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Want some advice? How about you genuinely listen to them, without prejudice. Maybe you tolerate that their way of caring for themselves is different from yours and choose not to segregate individuals based on their medical decisions.
You mean the "conspiracy theory" that you can't sue a pharmaceutical company directly for an adverse reaction to their jab? Or the "conspiracy theory" that the same pharmaceutical company has been found guilty of manipulating research, bribing doctors and lobbying politicians? Nothing says "trust the science" like "we make a ton of money off you blindly following our science and by the way, you can't sue us if something goes wrong".
Follow the science. But ignore scientists, whistleblowers and concerned healthcare practitioners?
Official CDC data shows a shockingly large increase of deaths due to abnormal mystery causes since Covid-19 Vaccinations began. Data available from the Center for Disease Control in the USA shows that since the Covid-19 vaccination program got underway in the US, deaths due to ‘abnormal clinical findings not elsewhere classified’ have increased exponentially compared to pre-Covid-19 vaccination levels. Visit the link in the comments for more.
Well, doesn’t this look familiar? 1. Move the goalposts 2. Change definitions and 3. Impose restrictions based upon compliance Just a reminder, it all started with the idea that “if we are all compliant with business and church shut downs we will flatten the curve in 14-days”. Then they said that “if we are all compliant with masks we will get back to normal”. Now, they are conditioning you to believe that you will need boosters for the rest of your life in order to participate in society.
BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer falsified vaccine trial data. "But, for researchers who were testing Pfizer’s vaccine at several sites in Texas during that autumn, speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety. A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails." Source linked in the comments.
“ is an insult to expect that I would accept an injection of unknown substance and efficacy and provide an example to the great people that I serve that they too should submit their power over to pharmaceutical companies--convicted felons--in an effort to put a band-aid on the gaping wound of reality.” -- Healthcare worker who is being terminated due to her vaccine status.
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How does this make sense? What are you boosting?
👏 In-N-Out Burger 👏 👏 Welcome to the resistance.
Many people who live in “middle America” are surprised to learn that some cities and states are actively requiring proof of vaccination to dine at restaurants, participate in indoor activities, go to concerts, sporting events, etc. I recently took my family to Yosemite National Park. There were signs posted all over saying “Masks Recommended Indoors for everyone. Masks REQUIRED indoors if you are not vaccinated.” While there was no one checking for proof of vaccination records for those who were not wearing a mask, many places are not as friendly to the unvaccinated. In fact, these types of signs have given people the permission to openly discriminate and bully those who have questions about the mystery juice. A friend recently traveled to New Orleans and was denied services at a restaurant due to the fact that he did not have proof of vaccination. The cities who have the harshest restrictions and who openly allow the bullying and descriminarion of the unvaccinated have one thing in common. Any guesses?
Not a single word from the government or CDC about naturally acquired immunity, which the data shows is more durable than the vaccine and 100 million+ already have. There is no scientific justification for the omission. It is dishonest. And now big tech censors the hashtag “natural immunity”? Are we living in a totalitarian society where only one ideology is acceptable? Is this the desired outcome you were hoping to achieve when you voted last November?
Not a single word from the government or CDC about naturally acquired immunity, which the data shows is more durable than the vaccine and 100 million+ already have. There is no scientific justification for the omission. It is dishonest. And now big tech censors the hashtag “natural immunity”? Are we living in a totalitarian society where only one ideology is acceptable? Is this the desired outcome you were hoping to achieve when you voted last November?
Why aren't we talking about this?
A thousand pharmaceutical injections can not make them healthy or keep them safe.
"Israel has among the world's highest levels of vaccination for COVID-19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine. Yet the country is now logging one of the world's highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. MORE THAN HALF ARE IN FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE, underscoring the extraordinary transmissiblity of the Delta variant and stoking concerns that the benefits of vaccination ebb over time" [UNLIKE NATURAL IMMUNITY FROM INFECTION - WHICH, BY THE WAY - IS RECOGNIZED AS EQUAL TO VACCINATION IN ISRAEL IN TERMS OF COVID PASSPORTS - ACTUALLY NATURAL IMMUNITY HAS PROVEN FAR SUPERIOR THAN THE VACCINE - IT IS NOT "EBBING OVER TIME"] "Israel, which has led the world in launching vaccinations and in data gathering, is confronting a surge of COVID-19 cases that officials expect to push hospitals to the brink. NEARLY 60% OF GRAVELY ILL PATIENTS ARE FULLY VACCINATED." ""I watch Israeli data very, very closely because it is some of the absolutely best data coming out anywhere in the world," says David O'Connor, a viral sequencing expert at the University of Wisconsin, Madison." ""Israel is the model," agrees Eric Topol, a physician-scientist at Scripps Research. "It's pure mRNA vaccines. It's out there early. It's got a very high level population uptake. It's a working EXPERIMENTAL LAB for us to learn from." All the above quotes are from the following article published in SCIENCE MAGAZINE (Merideth Wadman. Aug 16, 2021. A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts, but does not defeat Delta. Science Magazine) As I have BEEN SCREAMING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS.: 1. A vaccine that does not prevent transmission CANNOT PROVIDE HERD IMMUNITY. 2. A VACCINE THAT DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION cannot possibly make the vaccinated less of a threat to others than the unvaccinated. 3. VACCINE PASSPORTS for a VACCINE THAT DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION DO NOT MAKE SCIENTIFIC or LOGICAL SENSE. Yet, with all of the above information available, British Columbia just instituted vaccine passports AND, while doing so, the Provincial Health Officer and Health Minister both incited hatred and fear toward the unvaccinated by stating that the unvaccinated were selfish, dangerous, and were preventing society from being able to get back to normal. The Provincial Health Officer also stated, falsely, that natural immunity is not adequate. I guess British Columbians have inferior immune systems to Israelis? Think of how many HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people who have already been infected with COVID-19 and have natural immunity have been told to get vaccinated! Follow the science? We now have an apartheid system for the unvaccinated based on a vaccine that does not prevent transmission. We now have fully vaccinated people, because of the misinformation they have been given, assuming they are protected and unable to get the virus, get sick from the virus, or transmit the virus. Not only do they FALSELY believe they are safe and protecting others, they also FALSELY believe that the unvaccinated are selfish and dangerous. All based on information from the "TRUSTED EXPERTS". It is a binary choice. Either Israel is LYING about what is happening (and Iceland and the UK) or the vaccines are NOT preventing transmission and thus there is no evidence to support vaccine mandates in order to "keep others safe". Yet, the media and society are full of people spewing vitriol at the unvaccinated while they support a system of apartheid for the unvaccinated all in the name of "keeping society safe". What have we become? Credit to Dr. James Chestnut
You know how the Military Industrial Complex works? They find or create enemies and figure out ways to initiate wars, regardless of the collateral damage it may cause. It’s very profitable for the industry that supplies the military. Do you see what’s happening right now? It’s called the “Medical Industrial Complex”. They find or create enemies in the form of viruses/bacteria/new diseases and figure out ways to initiate war on said enemy, regardless of the collateral damage it may cause. It’s very profitable for the medical industry. Do you see it yet? #medicalrape #medicalindustrialcomplex #youvebeenduped #theywillgoasfarasyouletthemgo
The CDC has become the singular voice on health that cannot be questioned. The state and county health departments simply rubber stamp any recommendations coming from the CDC. But can the CDC really be trusted with so much power and control? In 2016 a group of more than a dozen senior scientists at the CDC lodged an ethics complaint alleging that the CDC was being influenced “by corporate and political interests in ways that shortchange taxpayers.” They noted “the pervasive nature of unethical practices throughout all levels at the CDC.” The authors concluded that “The CDC has a long history of bias and troubling conflicts of interest. This history calls into question the scientific validity of recommendations made by the CDC.” Opinion: If I were a totalitarian ruler, I would be licking my chops right now. You couldn’t have asked for a better scenario to expand the power, control and influence of a foreign government. Under the false pretense that a state of emergency eliminates constitutional rights, the CDC has essentially created a scenario where every aspect of society is being brought under control of one singular ideology. According to Hannah Arendt, a totalitarian state is one that aspires to nothing less than defining and controlling reality. Truth is whatever the rulers decide it is. As Arendt has written, wherever totalitarianism has ruled, “it has begun to destroy the essence of man.”
#antidiscrimination #inclusion #mybodymychoice #tolerance #imhealthy #mandatevegetables #itsnotabouthealth #badguysbully
If your employer threatens to fire you, keep standing until you are fired. If they attempt to make rules for you that are different from the unvaccinated, don’t comply. They are intolerant, hateful bullies who are full of empty threats and broken promises. But with every new (over) step they continue to lose support and we gain momentum. Keep standing. Your courage is contagious.
Replace 💣 with 🦠
What are your thoughts?
When was the last time you took a social media detox? As Leah, the kids and I head out west for some family adventures, I feel like it's an appropriate time for me to take some time off social platforms. For the next 14 days, I will be taking time to refocus and be present with my family. Who wants to join me in a 14-day social media detox? Tag your accountability partner
Don't wait for health to become a priority because it has to be. #askdrwilson
Does Sugar Feed Arthritis? Follow the link in my bio to listen to this week's podcast where Dr. Traci and I continue our conversation about Arthritis and causes of Arthritis.
Did you know your body is constantly replacing itself? You get a whole new set of red blood cells every 120 days. You get a whole new stomach lining every 6 months. Every year, you get a whole new set of skin cells. The body is so smart and is constantly replacing itself to help maintain your health.
This is my tribe. We are business owners, parents of young children, and working to make a positive impact on humanity. Last year we committed to raising the bar and challenging ourselves to press in and do hard things together. For the past 6+ months we’ve been training for #RacetheWolf, a 50k ultra endurance running event that includes nearly 7,000 feet of vertical elevation gain. It’s been said that this is one of the hardest 50k’s that exists and the record setting heat ☀️ certainly didn’t help. We had a vision to run this event together. It was an individual commitment to the collective group effort. Here’s my takeaway: happiness is best when it’s shared (thank you, @marklosby ). I am proud of our accomplishments. I am proud of each one of our individual efforts, literally leaving everything we had on that mountain (you can see it in my face in the last picture). I am so very proud of my wife for crushing her fear of heights and literally scaling up the rock-face of a mountain. And I am so proud to call these people “friends”. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we do not care who gets the credit. Special thanks to @dr.ryansousley for always raising the bar and being both “Skywalker” and the “Cookie Monster”.
Hi, I’m in the mountains of Idaho recovering from #racethewolf and my phone is disabled. I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone. I’ll respond to any messages/emails on Wednesday.
If you've added the artificial sweetener sucralose to your diet because you think it's a healthy alternative to sugar, you're being dangerously misled. Credit to @drmercola
URGENT: Children should not be vaccinated against COVID-19. This was a screenshot of the WHO website June 23rd at 12:30pm. “Children should not be vaccinated at the moment”. Within hours, they changed their website! The harms this product is causing are being censored and any potential questions about it are being silenced. If you have children, it is vitally important that you know the truth and you don’t stay quiet about it.
Let me translate it for you: if you are hesitant about injecting yourself with an experimental gene therapy with no known effects on long term health, you aren’t anti- anything. You are simply an intelligent consumer who knows that big corporations have a long history of putting profits over people.
Repost from @sayerji2021 The Yellow Star of David and the Masks (with no evidence they are safe or effective) share similar symbolic functions in the two-tiered, Medical Apartheid system they are rolling out, where one side is considered impure and dangerous, needing to be isolated and shamed, and other pure and safe, virtuous and free to move around society. The implication, of course, is the non-vaccinated (non mRNA genetically modified humans) are dirty, irresponsible, and a threat to others (as if vaccination equates to bona fide immunity WHICH IT NEVER HAS), and that they must wear the MASK as a signal of submission and complicity to this dark, anti-scientific, control-based agenda having nothing to do with prioritizing the public health (outlaw McDonalds, and require and require mandatory non-poisoned organic food for the public and I will believe you). Look into the history of eugenics, Aryan certificates (The Ahnenpaß documented the Aryan lineage of people "of German blood" in Nazi Germany), and what's is happening.
You can not heal in the same environment that made you sick. The environment you create is the NUMBER ONE indicator of whether you are healthy or sick. - For thousands of years, humans have lived outdoors and been one with nature. - Our habits create our environment. Our environment influences our perception, beliefs and ultimately our health. - Just being outside is healing! Full spectrum frequencies from the sun, ions and minerals from the water, temperature fluctuations, and even the ground all influence your physiology via the nervous system! You have sweat glands in your feet that conduct electricity from the ground. The redox potential (net negative charge of every cell) influences our hormones which communicate throughout the body and ultimately affect our circadian rhythm and metabolism. - It’s no surprise that the most drastic thing which has changed over the last 100 years in human evolution is not just food BUT actually the environment. - Treating the symptoms with medications (and yes, supplements) are band aids if you don’t fix how you live. - The more disconnected you find yourself from the primordial healing environment the more you will need band aids to (artificially) hold up your foundations! — Improve your environment and you will provide the opportunities for your body to heal and thrive. — Find a trusted health care practitioner who thinks like this. If they don’t help you, find a new one.
Be sure to check out Episode 13 of The MaxLiving Podcast! In this episode, I sit down with NYS licensed pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky! Dr. Larry is dedicated to bringing true, natural health for our children. You’re not going to want to miss this episode. Visit the direct link in the comments or search “The MaxLiving Podcast” on your favorite podcast app!
Attention Hoosiers! ⠀ We need our legislators to amend the health passport law and provide protections for all #Hoosiers. ⠀ Recent Covid-19 injection mandates by #Indiana #educational institutions, including Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame, have left Hoosiers fearing for their health autonomy. ⠀ #Students are being forced to accept the unknown dangers of a not-yet FDA approved injection or lose the opportunity to finish their degrees. University workers, most of whom have never been required to submit proof of any immunizations, will be fired if they don’t get the COVID-19 injection. ⠀ A COVID-19 injection mandate for college students is particularly problematic because the risk of injury or death from COVID-19 is nearly zero, but the risk of the injection is unknown. ⠀ Now that we have seen the #coercive tactics used to force our young people to receive #experimental medical treatment without informed consent, it is time for our Indiana legislators to broaden this protection by not allowing state or local entities, as well any educational institutions (both public and private), or in fact any business, non-profit or other entity to discriminate against people based on Covid-19 injection status. Additionally, no Covid-19 injection should be mandated, and Covid-19 injection status should never be forced to be disclosed. ⠀ 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙇𝙄𝙉𝙆 𝙞𝙣 𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝘽𝙄𝙊 @standforhealthfreedom to email your legislators and the leadership in the statehouse with this message. Personalize the first paragraph of your message to say how this issue is affecting you. Then #share with everyone you know!
Free Donuts. Complimentary Girl Scout Cookies. Extra PTO. Free Entry, with Proof of Vaccine. Lottery Tickets for the Vaccinated. College Scholarships… Why don’t they incentivize eating organic food, getting exposure to sunlight, supplementing for deficiencies, avoiding chemicals, exercising, chiropractic care, breath work, prayer and meditation? Perhaps it’s because there’s not a trillion dollar industry propagating that type of lifestyle. Their fear may have gone viral but your faith is still far more contagious.
If you want to hold an event or a religious service in Washington, you must provide sections for the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated. These sections must be separated and the organization must ask for proof of vaccine. I’ve heard people say, “businesses won’t comply with something like that…” Agree or disagree?
BREAKING: 444 PAGE DOCUMENT describing in exquisite detail the many ways in which the pandemic was blown out of proportion, such as: "Inaccurate projection models violations of federal law related to hyper-inflated Covid death statistics, the problem with PCR testing, the lack of evidence supporting asymptomatic transmission," and MUCH more....
The “Medical Society” version of “Health”
Is anyone really okay with this? So now we can openly “shun” a very specific subset of the population? Have we not learned from history? Look at what he says about the children of GOD. “It’s not just wacky former rockers who have put herd immunity out of reach. It is white evangelicals (45% say they won't get vaccinated). And it is Republicans (almost 50% are refusing the vaccine)...You can slap the euphemism “vaccine hesitancy” on the problem, but in the end the G.O.P., and the children of G.O.D., are perpetuating a virus that is sickening and killing people in droves”, says Michael Stern, Opinion columnist for USA Today. How does that make you feel? PS Do not pass this article along. Don’t provide the link. USA Today should be ‘shunned’ for allowing this reckless attack to be perpetuated on their platform. #ShunUSAToday
Someone once said “If you want drastic change, you have to make drastic changes”. It’s time to take that next step. Whatever you're looking to improve, whether it be nutrition, minimizing toxins, or working towards a healthy mindset, draw your line in the sand. Enough is enough. It’s time to make your drastic change to see your drastic changes.
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called a conspiracy theorist
In your opinion, when did it become abnormal to simply live 'naturally'?
Something to think about.
In your opinion, when did it become abnormal to simply live 'naturally'?
You know how the Military Industrial Complex works? They find or create enemies and figure out ways to initiate wars, regardless of the collateral damage it may cause. It’s very profitable for the industry that supplies the military. Do you see what’s happening right now? It’s called the “Medical Industrial Complex”. They find or create enemies in the form of viruses/bacteria/new diseases and figure out ways to initiate war on said enemy, regardless of the collateral damage it may cause. It’s very profitable for the medical industry.
This is not a painting. It is not a beautiful woven tapestry. It is the most detailed image of a human cell to date, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoectron microscopy. Note the mitochondria (energy powerhouse of the cell) is the purple oval on the left of the photo. Credit to Elahe Afnani.
In my clinic I often get asked, “Dr. Wilson, what can you do for my (fill in the blank) condition”. The reality is, I can’t do ANYTHING for your (fill in the blank). Doctors do not heal. (Good) doctors will help identify what is CAUSING your health problem and help you with a plan of attack to remove the interference(s) in your body’s innate ability to heal. Ultimately, your body does the healing. When your body is able to function at it’s best, there is no limit on what the body can heal and do. Dr. Traci and I go in depth on this question during this weeks #askdrwilson Show. Follow the link in my bio to listen to our newest
Who else is a walking miracle?
How does it make you feel that we have THE SICKEST generation in human history? A study done by the Blue Cross Blue Shield looking at 55 million Americans found that millennials are the sickest out of any generation to date. In fact, they found that millennials start to go “over the hill” at just 27 years old… Why do you think this is? Could it be that we have normalized the masking of symptoms and disregard the true causes for disease
When talking with supplement companies, they all say that their product “is the best”. I know it's hard to believe, right? Once you start asking questions, you might be surprised at what you find. For example, do the manufacturers know the farms they are working with? Where are they getting the materials? Are they testing for metals, pesticides, herbicides, and allergens? Is what is claimed on the label actually found in the product? Does the supplement even get absorbed, and if so, what bioavailability testing has been done? We're not looking for a magic pill here but we do need to be informed consumers. On this week’s episode, we talk about how to pick the right supplements and how to avoid the hidden toxins within food. Visit the link in my bio to listen!
Is it clear now? If you are going to pass on the jab, they want to make your life difficult. They are turning friends and neighbors against each other, solely based on one’s willingness to participate in an experimental vaccine program with zero long-term safety testing. The CDC has systematically (and artificially) created a new form of prejudice against those who do not worship their “science”. Friends, do not fall into their trap.
What are your thoughts?
A report done by a US house subcommittee found that baby food from some of the country's largest manufacturers include "toxic heavy metals". They found significant levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury. These toxic brain chemicals can cause permanent brain injury in children such as lowering a child's IQ. This is why it is so important to know what you are putting in your body and bringing into your home. Did you know household items contain toxins too? I challenge you to take some time today and research 10 items in your own home and check their toxicity levels. Look each product up using and make sure you're getting rid of those harmful toxins.
Bill Gates says that rich nations should shift to synthetic beef. What are your thoughts?
Wait. The mainstream media (and ‘fact-checkers’) labeled those as ‘conspiracy theorists’ who suggested that the ‘gain of function’ laboratory in WUHAN that was experimenting with coronaviruses should be investigated for a potential ‘lab leak’ of COVID-19. If this would have been entertained instead of dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory’, imagine how much different our response could have been and the different conversations we would have been having in relation to China. How does that make you feel that these ‘gain of function’ labs are still in operation all over the world?
Be sure not to miss one of the most important events of the year as Stand for Health Freedom presents, "Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC's Conduct During COVID-19." The online event, streaming live at 6 p.m. EST, features SHF co-founder Sayer Ji and eight panelists representing voices across the #medical, #scientific, #legal, #educational and policy-making communities. During the two-hour forum, panelists will dive into the collateral damage and real-world consequences of the CDC’s data collection methods, metrics and guidance implemented throughout COVID-19. Topics they will address include: ⠀ - From PCR tests to death certificates, how the current emergency has been driven by compromised data. ⠀ - Did the CDC engage in willful misconduct? ⠀ - How long can a #publichealth emergency last, and has the length of this emergency been justified? ⠀ - The costs of a prolonged emergency — from food insecurity and #poverty, to #school closures and suicides. ⠀ - How to handle future infectious outbreaks with a focus on #accuracy, #transparency and #equity. ⠀ ❗️Most important, we will have a special call to action at the end of the event so that you can help hold the CDC #accountable for its conduct over the past year! For more information, sign up for an email reminder, or to watch the event, visit our website at the LINK in our BIO @standforhealthfreedom.
Public Health officials and the CDC are using faulty assumptions and unreliable tests to track positive cases and drive the global “pandemic”. The PCR test amplifies the genetic material of the virus prior to testing. The molecular test cannot distinguish between dead and live genetic fragments and hence cannot make out whether the virus is alive or not. The test is only looking for partial viral sequences, not whole genomes, so identifying a single pathogen is next to impossible even if you ignore the other issues.The founder of the PCR test, Kary Mullis says that the PCR test should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases”. Dr. David Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics, stated: “You have to have a whopping amount of any organism to cause symptoms. Huge amounts of it. You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine. 30% of your infected cells have been killed before you show symptoms. By the time you show symptoms…the dead cells are generating the symptoms” He added, “Every time somebody takes a swab, a tissue sample of their DNA, it goes into a government database. They’re not just looking for the virus.” Prof Carl Heneghan, researcher and author of a new study that calls the PCR test into question says that he believes the detection of traces of old virus could partly explain why the number of cases is rising while hospital admissions remain stable. If the PCR test is only detecting and amplifying fragments of a virus and fragments of a virus is not an indication of infection, why are we recommending wide-spread testing? You don’t have to be a scientist to see this as bizarre, after mass fear of asymptomatic spread caused millions to be shut up in our homes and remains the driving force behind mask mandates and other restrictions that treat all of us as potentially contagious no matter how healthy we feel. As Dr. Marc Suprenaunt says, “STOP GETTING TESTED! IT’S WORTHLESS”
Why should we feel confident saying “Hey CDC, we disagree!”? Last March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) abruptly changed how death certificates were recorded. Although this might seem like a mere formality, the CDC only made this change for one type of death — COVID-19 — and it appears that multiple federal laws were circumvented to do so. Why did the CDC decide to suddenly abandon the data collection and reporting system it had been using for 17 years without incident? And when it adopted new protocols for defining what constitutes a COVID case, why didn’t it implement safeguards to ensure that case numbers and subsequent data wouldn’t be altered by counting the same individuals over and over? Hear from an esteemed panel of experts as they dive into these questions and more on Wednesday, February 17, at 6 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. PST. This live online event, Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19
There have been many deaths following the COVID-19 vaccine that have been reported by medical professionals. Only a small fraction of adverse events are reported to VAERS. Yet, the CDC maintains its position that there is zero link between vaccination and deaths. Does that raise any red flags to you?
If the coronavirus vaccine causes a serious reaction, injury or death, no one will be held responsible. Under the PREP Act — passed in 2005 and invoked in March 2020 by HHS Director Alex Azar II — vaccine and drug manufacturers, government agencies, doctors and all others are free from liability from harm caused by the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, if you or a family member is harmed from the vaccine in any way, it is you who will be left with the consequences as well as the medical bills. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has shielded all pharmaceutical companies of liability from vaccine-related injuries since 1986.
It is still in the experimental stage as they have not completed Stage 3 clinical trials yet. Under the Emergency Authorization Use, it was rushed to market at warp speed, utilizing mRNA technologies that have never been used before in humans. While the Thought Police might argue that the “technology has been studied for 30 years”, it has never been studied on humans for either short-term or long-term safety concerns. There is much that’s not understood about the technology, including how it will affect your DNA and what the side effects will be over the long-term. The fact that the vaccine is experimental and has zero long-term safety data makes those who take it human guinea pigs.
Insta and FB are actively removing all posts and accounts that question the multi-billion dollar experimental biological pharmaceutical product AKA the Shirona Jab (are we going to have to start speaking in code soon?) In a series of posts, I’m going to test the Thought Police (Fact Checkers) to see what they deem as “False Information”. Clearly, the only way people will see this information is if you pass it along. Let’s have some fun with it. Are you in?